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XCMG HB40 Bomba de Concreto

XCMG HB40 Bomba de Concreto

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Última actualização : 2018-03-13
Max.speed 90.8km
Brakedistance ≤7m
Min.clearance 270mm
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• Efficient and reliable pumping
• High configuration imported pump and motor ensure the reliability and stability of the hydraulic and electrical systems. 
• The imported hydraulic oil filter ensures the cleanness of the hydraulic system and long service life of the hydraulic components.
• The adopted latest closed and variable hydraulic system of constant power has the full power takeoff, featuring 3MPa less in pressure loss, and saving the energy by 10%.
• The unique product in the hydraulic system-SN valve reduces the impact when changing the direction and settles the common issue of vibration of the pump, increasing the stability of the machine.
• The adopted S type change valve and new center pumping system feature higher efficiency, longer service life and more convenient maintenance.
• Keep the inclination of the optimized hopper in the best position, and adopt the automatic rotation device which could keep the hopper from blocking by the stone.
• Delivery pump, reducer piper and glasses board and cutting ring adopt the high-abrasive material, prolonging the service life of the wearing parts.
Load sensing electro-hydraulic proportional control valve features excellent fine mobility and quick response.
• Intelligent experience
• X outrigger and one side operation.
• High and low pressure change freely.
• Multiple boom folding methods such as ”R” and “RZ” type features large placing area.
• The imported grease and oil automatic lubricating system prolongs the service life of the machine and features easy maintenance. The system could automatically lubricate the key points with hydraulic oil.
• The automatic withdrawing technology of trough in concrete piston ensures easier and faster replacement of the piston. 
• Precise remote control and receiving device could get 150m remote control, decreasing the operation labor and ensuring the safety of the worker.
• Intelligent electric control box records the working pressure and temperature, and the engine rpm of the truck pump, ready for check and repair. Meanwhile, it adopts the energy saving technology.
• The warning device equipped on the placing boom realizes the information quick delivery among the workers, ensuring the safe and efficient operation.
• The application of night viewing gradienter and outrigger wide light ensures the safe operation of the machine.
Category Item Unit Parameter
 Chassis Model   FM
Manufacturer   VOLVO
Max. speed km/h 90.8
Max. gradeability   34.70%
Min. turning diameter m 18.4
Brake distance m ≤7
Wheelbase mm 4900+1370
Tread (front/rear) mm 2019/1834
Approach angle/departure angle 18/10
Min. clearance mm 270
Tyre specification   12.00R20
 Engine Model   D13
Output power kw/(r/min) 294/1400-1800
Max. torque N.m/(r/min) 2000/1050-1400
Displacement l 12.8
Emission Standard   Nation III GBⅢ
 Others Dimension (Length×Width×Height) mm 11180×2500×3990
Total vehicle weight kg 32600
Fuel tank capacity l 410
Fuel consumption per 100km l/100km 40
Pumping operation
Pumping system Theoretical output(high pressure/low pressure) m3/h 70/140
Concrete pumping pressure(high pressure/low pressure) Mpa 11.8/6.38
Theoretical pumping times(high pressure/low pressure) 次/min 15/27
Max. diameter of pumping concrete aggregate   40
Feeding height   1450
 Placing boom Pumping slump range   12-23
Reach height   39.8
Reach depth   27.9
Slewing radius   35.8
Slewing angle   370
1st boom stretch angle   90
2nd boom stretch angle   180
3rd boom stretch angle   180
4th boom stretch angle   240
5th boom stretch angle   250
Outrigger span Overall outrigger span 7800
Front outrigger transverse span 8350
Rear outrigger transverse span 7200
 Others Dosing type   S valve
Lubricating method   Automatic lubrication
Controlling method   Manual/remote control
Water tank capacity   600
Max. pressure of water pump   2

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