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XCMG HB56 Bomba de Concreto

XCMG HB56 Bomba de Concreto

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Última actualização : 2018-03-13
Max.speed 90km
Brakedistance ≤10m
Min.clearance 245mm
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The placing height of the HB56 concrete pump could reach 55.7m. The optimized 5-section RZ type boom and articulated mechanism feature larger working space, more flexible controlling and longer service life. The adopted Volvo FM440 104R B five-axle chassis features comfortability, luxury, and high carrying capacity.
The pumping system adopts the large displacement center pumping system with delivery cylinder diameter of 260mm. The max. theoretical displacement is 163m3/h, smaller reversing frequency, 21 times for low pressure and 14 times for high pressure. The wearing parts feature high service life and convenient maintenance.
The concrete piston could withdraw automatically. The patented SN valve cushioning technology ensures the flexible reversing and small pumping impact. The electrical system adopts PLC control with color display screen, showing the running parameters of the equipment. The application of the engine energy saving technology and trouble-shooting technology improves the economics, reliability and safety of the concrete pump.

CategoryItem Unit Parameter
Chassis Model   FM440
Manufacturer   VOLVO
Max. speed km/h 90
Max. gradeability   38%
Min. turning diameter m 27.4
Brake distance m ≤10
Wheelbase mm 1995+5205+1370+1450
Tread (front/rear) mm 2028/1872
Approach angle/departure angle 18/11
Min. clearance mm 270
Tyre specification   12.00R20
Engine Model   D13
Output power kw/(r/min) 324/1400~1800
Max. torque N.m/(r/min) 2200/1050~1400
Displacement l 12.8
Emission Standard   Nation III GBⅢ
Others Dimension (Length×Width×Height) mm 14885×2500×3990
Total vehicle weight kg 49750
Fuel tank capacity l 410
Fuel consumption per 100km l/100km 50
Pumping operation
Pumping system Theoretical output(high pressure/low pressure) m3/h 100/163
Concrete pumping pressure(high pressure/low pressure) Mpa 13/8
Theoretical pumping times(high pressure/low pressure) 次/min 13/21
Max. diameter of pumping concrete aggregate   40
Feeding height   1530
Placing boom Pumping slump range   12-23
Reach height   55.7
Reach depth   44
Slewing radius   51.7
Slewing angle   364
1st boom stretch angle   96
2nd boom stretch angle   180
3rd boom stretch angle   180
4th boom stretch angle   180
5th boom stretch angle   260
Outrigger span Overall outrigger span 11250±50
Front outrigger transverse span 11400±50
Rear outrigger transverse span 11300±50
Others Dosing type   S valve
Lubricating method   Automatic lubrication
Controlling method   Manual/remote control
Water tank capacity   700
Max. pressure of water pump   2

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